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Why You Should Learn a Language for Business

Learning a new language for business encourages professionals and entrepreneurs to explore various cultures, indigenous people and customs and to communicate effectively with their overseas colleagues. The Museum of Knowledge launch of the Modern Language Learning Programme for Business, focuses on 8 business languages so you can learn Frenchlearn Spanishlearn Germanlearn Italian, learn Mandarin Chineselearn Portugueselearn Dutch and learn English. The Museum of Knowledge will show that whilst hiring interpreters or translators during business trips is possible, communicating effectively in another language eases business negotiations and trade. It also helps remove any cultural barriers that would otherwise exist whilst building rapport with key overseas business partners and stakeholders.

Business professionals will now be able to learn how to communicate in various languages for business thanks to the range of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) provided by the Museum of Knowledge in support of global enterprise.

The service, to be launched in January 2017 with the English Reading Module for Technology using traditional teaching methods, grammar and syntax (often neglected by other language learning providers) will be a key focus of the programme. It will also include games, applications and music to assist the student’s learning and development. The modules have been especially designed for business professionals, University students and entrepreneurs who already have a good working knowledge of the language of interest and who wish to perfect their language skills with a structured learning skills programme across various business sectors. Key industries the modules cover include;

Technology, Telecommunications, Multimedia and Digital
Hospitality, Travel and Leisure
Business Management, Retail, Marketing, Sales and Communications

The Museum of Knowledge Modern Language Learning Programme for Business aims to enable professionals and students to gain a competitive advantage over their peers, improve their multicultural knowledge as well as becoming prolific in multilingual communications thanks to its unique teaching methods.