Is it ever too late to learn a language such as French? 26102018

Is it ever too late to learn a language such as French?

Is it ever too late to learn a language such as French? The Museum of Knowledge would say that learning a language is as difficult as the student makes it! The best way to learn French is to have an open mind and dedicate the time and effort to learn.

Explore success factors and define new communication techniques

The exploration of success can be defined by new communication techniques, accents and punctuation. Being aware of these factors will assist language learners to learn French and improve their competency no matter what age the learner is. Mastering the art of good vocabulary and grammar is also important and these are aspects of language learning that are a focal point of the Museum of Knowledge French language learning programme.

Practice makes perfect

Regular practice delivers the essence of learning a new language such as French. The more the student practices the more they will progress. Structure is also an important element of language learning and the Museum of Knowledge modules offered to intermediate and advanced language learners emphasize structured French courses from the outset.


How students can learn English by reading newspapers 19102018

How students can learn English by reading newspapers

Museum of Knowledge explores how students can learn English by reading newspapers. Reading newspapers is a brilliant way of embracing all aspects of British culture and American culture. The spectrum of British press in particular offers options as wide and as varied as ever. With a vast range of newspapers from traditional broadsheet newspapers to tabloid newspapers, each British newspaper enjoys its own individual style from sensationalist news from the tabloid press to more conservative writing styles from broadsheet press outlets.

They key thing to bear in mind when selecting newspapers in the United Kingdom is that the learner’s usage parameters are an important selection criteria. Of course for students who are taking an English examination, it makes sense to read a broadsheet newspaper that uses the words and phrases that are more formal and thus most likely to be of use in an examination setting. This factor alone together with the use of structure and tenses that students can also learn from will guide students who wish to learn English, perfect their reading skills that will in turn develop and enrich their vocabulary.

American newspapers including titles such as the Wall Street Journal offer insights into the economy, global markets and business trends around the world and can add a wide level of knowledge sharing opportunities for those who wish to learn English for business.

The top four influencing factors that improve English language skills 12102018

The top four influencing factors that improve English language skills

Museum of Knowledge defines the top three influencing factors that improve English language skills;

Students learning a language must know the level they have reached

(i) Students must know in advance the level they have achieved prior to embarking on English courses. This will help them select the best course according to their needs and level and this means determining whether they have reached an entry, intermediate or advanced level. As the Museum of Knowledge only focuses on intermediate and advanced level language learning courses for business, students will know in advance that an entry level course module would not be available at the museum.

What content is desirable for language learning; social or business-related?

(ii) The content of the language programme is important in assessing whether fluency is required for social or business purposes. The Museum of Knowledge offers English language courses that are both intermediate and advanced with the advanced language learning disciplines focused on business. For those students who wish to improve their English language skills for social purposes, students should select the intermediate level course framework. For advanced level English language learners, the chosen course structure highlighted on the Museum of Knowledge site will be business focused.

Language learners must define their budget

(iii) Students who wish learn English must define their budget in advance. They should bear in mind that language learning is a commitment, a little like driving lessons. Students will need to take several lessons on a regular basis to reach any level of competency. Budget will be impacted by these factors and is based on whether the language learner chooses face-to-face, online, group or individual one on one tuition.

Language learners must allocate time and dedication to the cause

(iv) Time and dedication is an important factor for all those who wish to learn English. A focused and structured approach will ensure that rapid progress is made with the assistance of a tutor. However students must be aware from the outset that additional time outside of the classroom is needed in order to practice what has been learnt.


How to speak English with confidence 05102018

How to speak English with confidence

The Museum of Knowledge explores the popular topic how to speak English with confidence. Language learners will discover a plethora of online forums offering educational options that bring language tutors and students together. One must define however what “speaking English with confidence” actually means and even when selecting a website dedicated to online English language learning it is essential that students are clear from the outset what they are seeking.

Speaking English with confidence is related to fluency as much as anything else and the Museum of Knowledge provides students with the vital tools to learn English at varying levels, from intermediate to advanced level language learning used in business scenarios. It is essential that students first ascertain the level of their language competency.

Secondly, it is important to address whether the student is seeking a refresher course or is starting from scratch. The Museum of Knowledge does not provide courses for beginners however there are plenty of online resources available for the beginner’s level.

The Museum of Knowledge is best suited to students who are seeking a refresher course as well as those who are keen to develop their social communication skills at the intermediate level and business communication skills to an advanced level.

Of equal importance is the ability students will have to understand the structure of language learning. Gaining true fluency and improving confidence in a language can only be evaluated across the four disciplines of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Therefore even if a student only desires to gain additional confidence by improving their skills in speaking English, speaking competency cannot be measured is isolation of listening skills and students would still need gain confidence in the parameter of listening to English dialogues as well.