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How to excel in and learn a language within two years

Museum of Knowledge students often have clear goals and expectations when they decide to learn a language. Students often ask how they can excel in and learn a language within two years.

A two-year programme of activity to learn a language is an adequate guideline for students who wish to learn a language at an even pace. Whether this language be Germanic or a Romance language, the techniques required to learn a language are similar. All students will need to dedicate time and effort to learn a language by committing to up to five hours a week as a minimum in both personal study and classes. Language learners will need to master four key skills in order to learn a language and master it; reading, writing, speaking and listening. To excel in and learn a language within two years, all four disciplines must be mastered.

The Museum of Knowledge focuses on competency language learning strengths, including accentuation, precision, grammar and syntax. Traditional language learning methods are used in order to ensure that students can understand a language and be understood.

Together with traditional language learning techniques, the Museum of Knowledge adopts organic technology tools into its online language courses. An important factor to consider when students embark on learning a language is structure through dialogue and exercises. The Museum of Knowledge adopts a structured programme of language learning activity for those students who wish to learn Spanish, learn English and learn French for example for intermediate and advanced business levels.



How long will it take to learn Italian? blog, Museum of Knowledge guidelines

How long will it take to learn Italian? Museum of Knowledge guidelines  

Many language learners are keen to master their skills within a short time frame and the Museum of Knowledge team is often asked, how long it will take to learn Italian? Are there any magic formulae that can guarantee a speedier language learning experience?

Italian is a Romance language so it is safe to say that someone who has knowledge of Spanish or French may find the grammatical aspects of these languages similar to Italian. Equally, many words covering aspects of greetings and personal introductions look very similar in written text. Pronunciation of Spanish words versus Italian words as well as accentuation is very different between these two languages. However, for skills required for students who can write in Italian may be more easily acquired by a student who can also read and write in Spanish.

It is safe to say based on Museum of Knowledge tests, that a student who can already speak in Spanish will be able to grasp conversational aspects of Italian with five hours of weekly lessons within less than three months, whether these be  via online language courses or face-to-face. For those who are learning Italian from scratch without knowledge of another Romance language, Museum of Knowledge would estimate that good progress could be made within five to six months.

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Top five online resources for learning Spanish

There are several ways budding linguists can learn Spanish and online resources are becoming more and more prominent in the language learning process. Learning a language requires dedication, time and openness and the Museum of Knowledge has put together a short guide of online courses students can undertake in order to learn Spanish.


Duolingo offers those who wish to learn Spanish to do so via bite sized content. Such content may be easier for students to absorb as much of the success to learning a language is the ability of language learners to learn Spanish in by developing a structured way and their ability to to memorize words and sentence constructions.

Spanish modules are accompanied with rewards that are graded accordingly The Duolingo service comes without charge so that users can learn Spanish with minimum financial outlay.


 Busuu, similar to Duolingo aims to enable students who wish to earn Spanish to do so at speed. Language learners are often inspired by language programmes that enable them to advance quickly and Busuu aims to deliver address this need. The Busuu mantra is to encourage students to learn Spanish in 22 hour cycles to reach a hair level of competency. The Busuu platform unites native language speakers with those students who wish to learn Spanish from them from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day or night.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone, a well known language learning platform enables students who wish to learn Spanish to access courses for all levels; beginners, intermediate and higher competency levels. Rosetta Stone aims to equip students who wish to learn Spanish with the most efficient language learning tools. Rosetta Stone offers live online language tutors as well as new mobile applications to those who wish to learn Spanish.

With over 20 years in the language learning industry, Rosetta Stone works with in excess of 22,000 educational institutions and enjoys millions of users around the world.


Udemy offers short language courses to students who wish to learn Spanish. Users of the platform can access Spanish language courses developed by a wide variety of content providers. Students can learn Spanish at a cost effective price point and develop various skills at their own pace.

Students can undertake a variety of online Spanish courses on the Udemy platform to improve their writing and conversational Spanish skills. There is a variety of module types on the Udemy platforms including videos and work books.


Some students may prefer a more specialised language learning platform. To get started, curious students may prefer platforms such as Udemy, however more adept students may prefer other platforms such as Verbling to assist them to learn Spanish. Verbling focuses on real teachers and not machines for all language learning support with trial lessons also available.

For the Verbling programme students who wish to learn Spanish can select the instructor of their choice by viewing profiles. Connection to teachers is simple via in-built videos without any need for external applications or other tools.

Verbling is also thought to be a good platform for refresher courses so those students who already have knowledge of Spanish may benefit from the greater depth and details of language modules offered.



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Improving English fluency, Museum of Knowledge business guide

Business travellers and business negotiators often seek new skills that will enable them to communicate more effectively in English. The Museum of Knowledge team is often asked what the best techniques are to improve English fluency for business. Here is the official Museum of Knowledge guide;

  • Choose a learning platform that is dedicated to teaching business language programmes.
  • Ensure that the language learning programmes developed have varied content for English.
  • Once you have selected the most appropriate language learning platform with English programmes for business, check whether it meets your specific needs for intermediate and advanced business language learning.
  • Wherever possible choose a platform that understands the industry that is specific to your language needs. For example, if you work within the hospitality industry, a language platform that has dedicated programmes for this industry as well as the language you are learning, in this case English, is your best option.
  • Ensure the language learning platform has specific industry vocabulary that will assist you as you learn English for business and improve your fluency
  • Ensure that the language learning platform covers a broad range of topics within your industry as well as business scenarios such as development of contracts, holding business meetings, organising hospitality events specific to the hospitality industry for example.
  • Practice makes perfect so improving fluency in English for business will require a systematic approach to language learning. Ensure that the language learning programme you select gives you access to various tools, applications and web based learning options so that you can always practice no matter where you are in the world and even if you are travelling away from your office on business.