What is the best way to learn Chinese characters MOKKnowledge tips 31082018

What is the best way to learn Chinese characters? MOKKnowledge tips

Museum of Knowledge is often asked what is the best way to learn Chinese characters? There is no shortcut for time and effort, but the following considerations offer a useful way for any learner to understand the Chinese writing system.

Regular Practise of Strokes

Repetition of characters by following stroke patterns can help students to learn Chinese characters more quickly.

Learning Chinese Characters Alongside the Spoken Language

If one is learnt without the other, this could generate a disconnect between the learner’s spoken Chinese and written Chinese. Learning Chinese characters and speaking the language at the same time improves the learner’s tones and pronunciation.

Learning Radicals

Chinese characters are composed of radicals, which connote the meaning of a word, as well as its pronunciation. For instance, the character ‘切’, which means ‘cut’, is composed of two radicals: ‘七’ or ‘qī’ and ‘刀’. The former denotes the pronunciation of the word, while the latter signals its meaning. Together, they are pronounced as ‘qiē’. Radicals for the basic principles of Chinese characters; hence, Chinese language learners need to be familiar with some of the basic characters in order to master the language.

With Chinese now an important language for business, it is important for language students to learn Chinese characters, as this could be of great advantage in the pursuit of a prosperous international business career.



Will watching films help students improve their Spanish? 24082018

Will watching films help students improve their Spanish?

Museum of Knowledge team members are often asked; will watching films help students improve their Spanish? Language comprehension is tested to its fullest through the development of excellent reading and listening skills. In the case of watching films in Spanish, a language learner will have the opportunity to explore language dialogue and topical subject areas. A well-written script will enable a Spanish language learner to absorb phrases and syntax techniques that will ensure subtle mistakes will not be made in the long term.

The benefits of watching films to help students improve their Spanish include the fact that learning Spanish can be segmented. A comedy, romance or thriller will have specific paces, tones and vocabulary and Spanish language learners will be able to select films in Spanish according to genre with the expectation that their vocabulary will widen the more Spanish films they watch and the most genres they visit.

In addition, the richness of the Spanish language across the various Spanish-speaking parts of the world will further facilitate the development of listening skills. The majority of the Spanish-speaking world enjoy unique accents, whether this be Spanish speakers in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga or in South and Central America, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina. The more Spanish films a student watches across boundaries the more their Spanish language skills as well as cultural understanding will reach enviable levels of perfection.

Learn French for Hospitality, Museum of Knowledge Techniques 17082018

Learn French for Hospitality, Museum of Knowledge Techniques

Learn French for Hospitality and take on board Museum of Knowledge techniques for robust language learning. French cuisine transcends the world around us and client meetings over dinner or lunch can reach high levels of persuasion between business professionals who speak the same language as their clients.

Museum of Knowledge French language courses for the Hospitality industry use dynamic industry specific vocabulary that will set French language learners apart from their fellow language learners. As well as learning about the intricacies of French dining, Museum of Knowledge French language learners will also be able to explore topical subject areas that relate to the hospitality, travel and leisure sector such as choosing a travel agency and how to choose the best travel essentials for a long haul flight.





Best reasons to learn English for Technology, @MOKKnowledge tips 10082018

Best reasons to learn English for Technology, @MOKKnowledge tips

The Museum of Knowledge explores the best reasons to learn English for Technology, gathering industry insights from leaders in the field. Learn English for technology, a widely adopted business language spoken in both English- speaking countries and within regular business settings in non-English speaking territories. With the proliferation of technology, its utility is widespread and transcends all business scenarios. Whether meetings are related to technology scoping sessions or discussions relating to software upgrades, all personnel are greatly influenced by technology in their daily business lives in various ways.

The Museum of Knowledge English courses for Technology focus on the vocabulary and technical terms used in business settings, ensuring that comprehension is seamless and meetings can be carried out with clear understanding between both technology teams and management teams. Students can commence the Reading modules that will improve overall comprehension of key words and phrases that can be applied in the workplace.