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Why is Learning Italian Good for Business?

Entrepreneurs and business owners need to develop a host of skills in order for their businesses to succeed, and so they may wonder: is learning Italian good for business?

The short answer is yes. Italian is mostly associated with beautiful art, fashion, luxury goods and culture, but it is a lot more than a tourist language. It is spoken by 70 million first-language speakers, not just in Italy, but all over the world. Italian-speaking communities exist in the US, UK, Australian and Argentina, as well as Malta, Slovenia and Croatia.

Thus, learning the Italian language gives business owners direct access to an enormous market. Research carried out in 2012 found that Italian was the fourth most requested language by employers. Clearly, there is huge demand for people who are able to negotiate in an Italian buyers’ native language.



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How long does it take to learn Italian? Museum of Knowledge guide

The Museum of Knowledge team is often asked by students, how long does it take to learn Italian? Italian is a highly distinctive language with seductive wave intonations when spoken. Although Italian has similarities to Spanish in written form, pronunciation between the two languages is dissimilar. With practice, dedication and enthusiasm, students should be able to learn Italian within six months, with high levels achieved varying according to the student.

To learn Italian, as one of the Romance languages, it is much easier to grasp if the student already has some knowledge of another language such as Spanish. Certain Spanish words and phrases are very similar to Italian words and phrases, giving the students the opportunity to develop their comprehension and reading skills quickly. For speaking, listening and writing however, these skills for those who wish to learn Italian will need to be developed over time. This is because there is very little similarity between Spanish and Italian in this context.

 A key requirement that the Museum of Knowledge team suggest that students employ is the complete commitment of their time and effort to learn Italian. One of the best ways to learn Italian is to put aside a few hours each week for instructional learning. This learning may be via online forums or courses as well as face-to-face platforms. Practice makes perfect, so once a few hours of theoretical learning has been undertaken, students can then put into practice what they have learnt through practical exercises. This may include speaking Italian in given scenarios such as in restaurants. Equally, this can be achieved through simple greetings or reading Italian by selecting Italian books, Italian magazines and Italian newspapers with which students can practice and improve their Italian over time.




How long will it take to learn Italian? blog, Museum of Knowledge guidelines

How long will it take to learn Italian? Museum of Knowledge guidelines  

Many language learners are keen to master their skills within a short time frame and the Museum of Knowledge team is often asked, how long it will take to learn Italian? Are there any magic formulae that can guarantee a speedier language learning experience?

Italian is a Romance language so it is safe to say that someone who has knowledge of Spanish or French may find the grammatical aspects of these languages similar to Italian. Equally, many words covering aspects of greetings and personal introductions look very similar in written text. Pronunciation of Spanish words versus Italian words as well as accentuation is very different between these two languages. However, for skills required for students who can write in Italian may be more easily acquired by a student who can also read and write in Spanish.

It is safe to say based on Museum of Knowledge tests, that a student who can already speak in Spanish will be able to grasp conversational aspects of Italian with five hours of weekly lessons within less than three months, whether these be  via online language courses or face-to-face. For those who are learning Italian from scratch without knowledge of another Romance language, Museum of Knowledge would estimate that good progress could be made within five to six months.

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If you speak intermediate Spanish, how long will it take to learn Italian?

Learn a languagespeak intermediate Spanish, learn Italian. The Museum of Knowledge team is often asked how quickly a student can learn a language especially if they have already mastered another or have good knowledge of an alternative language.  There are some similarities between Italian and Spanish that may help language learners adapt more quickly. Some aspects of verb conjugation and nouns have a similar structure and most importantly, many words and verbs are written in a similar way. However the pronunciation of Italian is very different to Spanish.

The similarities between Spanish and Italian verbal communication include the speed with which both languages are spoken but that is where the similarity ends. The distinctiveness of Italian pronunciation may even present difficulties for those who are already intermediate speakers of Spanish. That notwithstanding, the vocabulary and similar sentence structure may enable those who speak Spanish to intermediate level to learn Italian within three to six months.

The length of time required to learn Italian is of course dependent on the number of hours a new student dedicates to language learning. To be able to speak Italian within three months and to be able to at least enter into simple dialogue such as personal introductions requires at least three hours of weekly tuition plus an additional three hours of personal study time.