Why Mandarin Chinese is an important language to learn 08022019

Why Mandarin Chinese is an important language to learn

The Museum of Knowledge explores why Mandarin Chinese is an important language to learn. Mandarin Chinese is spoken in both China and Hong Kong, two prominent markets for business leaders around the world who wish to engage with growing economies, therefore students who wish to learn Mandarin Chinese will benefit enormously from the opportunities presented by these fruitful markets.

Learning Mandarin Chinese will boost the confidence of business leaders who will be able to embrace the various vocabulary-building modules available on the Museum of Knowledge site. These vocabulary-building exercises ensure that communication in business settings is conducted in a professional manner with industry led scenarios available for regular practice sessions.

Mandarin Chinese is an especially important language for business professionals who work in technology and manufacturing and serves overall as an important language for trade within Asia. Museum of Knowledge business language modules that cover industries for the creative services industry include technology, fashion and hospitality, travel and leisure.



Is Chinese the most difficult language to speak 14092018

Is Chinese the most difficult language to speak?

Is Chinese the most difficult language to speak? This is a common question that many people ask the Museum of Knowledge. While Chinese has the reputation of being a rather challenging language to master, it is actually not the case once a language learner gains knowledge of the Chinese characters.

Some students who learn to speak Chinese tend to make errors with regards to tones. Chinese incorporates four distinct sounds, which change the meaning of what the speaker is saying, depending on which one they are using at a particular time. It may take a reasonable period of time to master the above, but once this has been achieved, learning Chinese becomes easier.

One advantage of learning Chinese over other languages, such as English, French and Spanish, is that it’s grammar is simplified. Hence, although Chinese may seemingly be a difficult language to master, it should not be any more challenging than other languages.

With China being a dominant nation in the world of business, learning to speak Chinese offers many benefits, even if some students may find this to be difficult initially. With the right level of motivation and excellent teaching techniques offered at the Museum of Knowledge, there is no reason why students should fear learning to speak Chinese.



What is the best way to learn Chinese characters MOKKnowledge tips 31082018

What is the best way to learn Chinese characters? MOKKnowledge tips

Museum of Knowledge is often asked what is the best way to learn Chinese characters? There is no shortcut for time and effort, but the following considerations offer a useful way for any learner to understand the Chinese writing system.

Regular Practise of Strokes

Repetition of characters by following stroke patterns can help students to learn Chinese characters more quickly.

Learning Chinese Characters Alongside the Spoken Language

If one is learnt without the other, this could generate a disconnect between the learner’s spoken Chinese and written Chinese. Learning Chinese characters and speaking the language at the same time improves the learner’s tones and pronunciation.

Learning Radicals

Chinese characters are composed of radicals, which connote the meaning of a word, as well as its pronunciation. For instance, the character ‘切’, which means ‘cut’, is composed of two radicals: ‘七’ or ‘qī’ and ‘刀’. The former denotes the pronunciation of the word, while the latter signals its meaning. Together, they are pronounced as ‘qiē’. Radicals for the basic principles of Chinese characters; hence, Chinese language learners need to be familiar with some of the basic characters in order to master the language.

With Chinese now an important language for business, it is important for language students to learn Chinese characters, as this could be of great advantage in the pursuit of a prosperous international business career.




The Benefits of Learning Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese, the native language of China is the most widely spoken language worldwide for business other than English. The Museum of Knowledge team is often asked What are the Benefits of Learning Mandarin Chinese?

Mandarin Chinese is spoken by 845 million people worldwide and is considered one of the highest ranking Modern languages based on business usefulness. The Chinese market is blossoming after decades of global isolation. China is rapidly becoming a world economic superpower. In 2014 alone, China’s economy produced $17.6 trillion compared to the USA that produced $17.4 trillion worth of goods and services. China has also increasingly opened its doors to foreign trade, making it even more accessible.

Are there any other benefits of learning Mandarin Chinese? Moreover, taking the time to learn Mandarin Chinese will give learners valuable insight into the Chinese culture and heritage and is therefore a valuable investment of time for Business and pleasure.