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Business travellers and business negotiators often seek new skills that will enable them to communicate more effectively in English. The Museum of Knowledge team is often asked what the best techniques are to improve English fluency for business. Here is the official Museum of Knowledge guide;

  • Choose a learning platform that is dedicated to teaching business language programmes.
  • Ensure that the language learning programmes developed have varied content for English.
  • Once you have selected the most appropriate language learning platform with English programmes for business, check whether it meets your specific needs for intermediate and advanced business language learning.
  • Wherever possible choose a platform that understands the industry that is specific to your language needs. For example, if you work within the hospitality industry, a language platform that has dedicated programmes for this industry as well as the language you are learning, in this case English, is your best option.
  • Ensure the language learning platform has specific industry vocabulary that will assist you as you learn English for business and improve your fluency
  • Ensure that the language learning platform covers a broad range of topics within your industry as well as business scenarios such as development of contracts, holding business meetings, organising hospitality events specific to the hospitality industry for example.
  • Practice makes perfect so improving fluency in English for business will require a systematic approach to language learning. Ensure that the language learning programme you select gives you access to various tools, applications and web based learning options so that you can always practice no matter where you are in the world and even if you are travelling away from your office on business.


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