Benefits learn a language with the Museum of Knowledge blog, 05012018

As the Museum of Knowledge team looks forward to rolling out our online language learning programme in 2018, we highlight the key benefits of learning a language using Museum of Knowledge tools and best practice.

Flexibility Learn at your own pace and in your own time. The Museum of Knowledge offers students online courses with 30 day or 60 day access options so that students can organize their own timetable within this timeframe so they can learn a language as flexibly as possible. 

Costs Studying Museum of Knowledge language modules one at a time enables students to control costs. Each module is segmented into industry sector, via specific topics as well as specific skill sets such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. This enables language learners to access course materials and complete exercises without incurring the high costs of face-to face tuition. Students can upgrade their module for one on one tuition via feedback sessions.

Structured content- All content provided by the Museum of Knowledge is highly structured. This makes it a highly flexible additional language learning resource for schools, Universities and private tutors who seek new ways to teach their students and who are seek new innovative content and course materials.

Certification Depending on the modules the student undertakes with the Museum of Knowledge, students may enjoy certification upon completion of the course. This applies to Business level language learning for the Premium Executive level.

Professional courses- Museum of Knowledge modules are especially tailored towards professional and business people who wish to extend their learning and continue to enjoy proficiency in the language they have already begun to learn. Professional courses at the Museum of Knowledge are especially designed to cover specific industries across several business languages including English, French and Spanish. Industry sectors include Hospitality, Travel and Leisure, Technology, Fashion and Business, Retail, Sales and Marketing.



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