Can I learn a language via the telephone? Museum of Knowledge tips 06072018

Students who seek more flexible ways to learn a language often ask, can I learn a language via the telephone? In reality the method of learning a language is not as important and the structure and content. Museum of Knowledge modules ensure that language learners both those who learn a language at an advanced level and those who are learning a language at intermediate level are fully equipped with relevant content for their industry. For students who learn a language at intermediate level, they are equipped with the tools and relevant vocabulary presented by the Museum of Knowledge that will enable them to develop their language skills at pace.

One of the key reasons why learning a language via telephone is helpful is because it greatly improves a student’s listening skills. Without the advantage of lip syncing, language learners only have the voice to respond to. Certainly a student can learn a language via telephone but it is much more difficult for students who have not yet reached at least the intermediate level of the language they are learning via this method.



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