Museum of Knowledge blog, Is Learning French worth it 11082017

English is of course one of the most important languages for commerce so students around the world will often embark on English language courses as a matter of course. There are of course many other languages the Museum of Knowledge considers beneficial.

There are many reasons why language learners choose to learn a language and in particular French. They may need to learn French for their studies or they may require good linguistic skills for commerce. Whatever the reason, the ability to converse well in various languages for various situations is important.

French is spoken in several countries around the world including the French Caribbean islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe, Canada, France, and parts of Africa, Switzerland and Belgium. As a language spoken in so many diverse parts of the world, it is very useful to have these skills of French language competence as well as English. French is useful for commerce in some of the most industrialized and developed countries in the world and even if learning French is for pleasure there are plenty of popular holiday destinations that can justify the time and dedication required to learn French.


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