How to improve Dutch as a foreign language and meet native speakers 14122018

The Museum of Knowledge explains how to improve Dutch as a foreign language and meet native speakers. There are of course plenty of ways students can practice their spoken Dutch online as well as many forums that are now also readily available thanks to advances in technology.

Of course the easiest way to speak Dutch with a native is via face-to-face learning and this can be easily achieved if the learner visits the country where the language is spoken. However the problem with this is that the dialogue is not always structured and not everyone can travel on a regular basis to the country where the language they are learning is widely spoken.

The idea behind online language learning used by the Museum of Knowledge is to provide a more in-depth and structured way to perfect the Dutch verbal and listening skills of students who have chosen to learn Dutch. This aspect is key as many people wish to improve their verbal competency, but forget that their listening skills are also paramount to their progress and eventual success in both professional and social settings.

Online forums are plentiful as well as immersion techniques that the Museum of Knowledge will be launching by September 2020.



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