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The Museum of Knowledge is often asked how long it talks to earn a new language. For sure this is an important factor to consider for those who are limited by time or resource.

Learning a langue takes a lot of time and dedication and before embarking on the process, language learners need to assess how much time they can realistically dedicate. Many online courses exist as well as immersion courses such as those offered by the Museum of Knowledge. The museum specializes in intermediate language learning and advanced langue learning, however as course can be accessed online at any time, the student is able to ascertain the best time to learn the language.

Is private face-to-face tuition favourable to online language learning forums? Again this question can be more easily be answered by students being honest with themselves about how much time the can dedicate to the process of language learning. A traditional face t face language learning programme must be carried out on a regular basis, once a week, sometimes even twice or three times a week. The purpose for the sessions can e numerous; to improve the language competency f the student so that they can excel in scheduled examinations, prepare for an interview or even to improve language skills for social reasons.

Understanding the purpose of the language learning would identify the key subject areas the student needs to focus on and their subsequent progress. To speak a language within 6 months is possible as long as the students follows structured, immersion courses whereby they will be able to grasp specific vocabulary for defined topics.



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