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Which factors encourage people to learn a language?

There are many reasons why people to decide to learn a language and much depends on the objective and purpose of language learning. The Museum of Knowledge highlight some key pointers that may encourage the adoption of language skills.


For mandatory subjects in High School, having language skills is essential. Some schools and may require students to take one language as a core subject in the curriculum, others may require students take two languages. Learning a language broadens the mind and spirit and facilitates the effective communication between nations with differing cultures and languages. Most language course modules in schools cover both social and cultural studies combined with key language skills.

Business professionals

Developing new business leads and negotiating contracts across international frontiers is greatly simplified when all parties speak the same language. Some business professionals may feel that the language of business is English but the Museum of Knowledge would always encourage visitors to various countries around the world to learn the language of the indigenous people where the language is spoken. “When in Rome do as the Romans do!”

The Museum of Knowledge has developed a range of online language learning modules tailored to various industries including Hospitality, Travel and Leisure, Fashion, Business, Retail, Sales and Marketing and Technology, Telecommunications, Multimedia and Digital.

In all instances an important focus of the Museum of Knowledge language modules is not only the development of language skills but also our ability to ensure that language skills are directly related to specific industry sectors. This is one of the key advantages of the Museum of Knowledge. Business professionals can at last negotiate in various languages with their sector specialism in mind. Vocabulary and useful phrases are especially tailored to the industries that business professionals are specialists in.




What are the advantages of learning a language?

The Museum of Knowledge, a champion for language learning, explains in this blog the key benefits of learning a language.

If you are travelling, you can communicate with the indigenous population effectively. Although some countries use English as their secondary language, the population in these countries cannot always speak English as efficiently as their Mother tongue language.

Another benefit of learning a language as outlined by the Museum of Knowledge is that it can boost a person’s career. Being fluent in another modern language indicates to potential employers that you are flexible, open to diverse cultures and have excellent communication skills.