Personal introductions in English, Museum of Knowledge tips 05042018

Personal introductions in English, Museum of Knowledge tips

English language courses focusing on Personal introductions will be included as one of the official Museum of Knowledge tips for those who wish to perfect greetings whether these are formal or informal. English language courses will include those tailored towards students who wish to learn how they can personally introduce themselves in English. The Museum of Knowledge team focuses on language learning for advanced business speakers, however the team will soon be addressing the intermediate language learning gap in the market for those who wish to develop their social skills

Personal introductions differ according to the audience with whom the student communicates. Unlike French, Spanish or Italian, there are no general differentials in English and neither are there specific formal and informal ways of communicating the word ‘you’ as there is in French (‘tu’ and ‘vous’ for example).

Students who wish to learn English must first determine whether the personal introduction they are using is formal or informal and then use the relevant phrases that pertain to that. For example, a formal introduction may commence with, “Good morning,” “May I introduce myself?” and “I am delighted/ pleased to meet you, please take a seat.”

Personal introductions in English, in absence of formal and informal subject pronouns can only be differentiated through vocabulary, structured sentences and tones relating to specific scenarios. It is important to note also that the plural and singular form of the word ‘you’ is written differently in other languages such as French, Spanish and Italian but in English despite the difference in meaning, the spelling of the word ‘you’ is written in exactly the same way.