How topics on the Museum of Knowledge language programme are structured 09112018

We explain to potential users how topics on the Museum of Knowledge language programmes are structured. The Museum of Knowledge covers topics in a unique way thanks to its credentials as an online language learning provider and private museum.


Museum of Knowledge topics and industry expertise

The Museum of Knowledge is dedicated to the creative services industry and luxury hospitality brands, therefore language learning topics are skewed towards these disciplines for advanced and business language learners of Spanish, French, English, Dutch, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, German, and Italian. The museum also covers social engagement topics for intermediate language learners in these eight languages.


Creating language modules for the Museum of Knowledge programme

Some language providers may include other sectors in their language learning programmes as an ad hoc add on such as finance, but the Museum of Knowledge does not focus on this sector therefore industry insights and topics will always be structured towards the creative services industry including technology and /or the hospitality sector disciplines that the Museum of Knowledge is an expert in.



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