How long to learn French? Museum of Knowledge tips 13042018

The Museum of Knowledge team is often asked by students, how long does it take to learn French? One of the Romance languages, French is also a Latin language rich in colourful sounds with strong accentuation at the heart of French pronunciation. To learn French is to learn and not be intimidated by the placement of accents in writing, accentuation when speaking, and having an open ear to the various accents when listening. Reading French is a skill that can be mastered by taking into consideration various educational tools, from books and newspapers to business related materials such as contracts.

Certainly the Museum of Knowledge team suggests that students dedicate sufficient time to learn French. Depending on how quickly the student wishes to progress, a minimum of three hours per week should be assigned to learn French. Students who wish to learn French will have to take into consideration that they will need to master various skills including speaking French, listening to French, reading French and writing in French. Three hours a week must be assigned over a set period of time, for example six months in order to advance quickly. Progress can be accurately measured via a tutor feedback session such as those developed for the Museum of Knowledge French language courses.

Some students find developing certain language skills more difficult to obtain than others. For example Museum of Knowledge students often highlight the difficulty they experience when attempting to write in French. Many reasons for this challenge include the fact that writing in French requires a high level of both comprehension and accuracy and some students will find it more difficult to master accurate French prose compared to developing conversational skills within six months for example.

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