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If I know Italian, will I learn Spanish more easily?

Students who already have knowledge of Italian often ask the Museum of Knowledge if knowing Italian will enable them to learn Spanish more easily. Due to the time and effort required to learn a language, students often look for short cuts in whichever way they can. Short cuts may include learning a second language at a pace that is similar to the first language the student knows well.

For those students who have a good knowledge of Italian, the good news is that due to the similarities between these two Latin languages, learning Spanish may be easier. This is especially because of some sentence structures as well as grammatical similarities. However this is where the similarity ends. Speaking Spanish requires a different tone to that of Italian and Spanish is often spoken at speed when compared with Italian. Written Italian also bears only some similarities to written Spanish and certainly listening to Italian and understanding the spoken words and phrases is unique.

The main criteria used to judge how quickly students will progress and learn Spanish if they already speak Italian, is that the student may be able to transfer skills developed already that embrace language learning techniques. This will include, but not be limited to learning grammatical rules, understanding sentence structures and syntax as well as developing a process of dedication and regular practice sessions in order to progress quickly.






Why is Spanish a useful language to learn?

Spanish is derived from Latin as English is from French. Learning Spanish will boost your vocabulary so you can familiarize yourself with words taken from everyday use in English. The opinion of the Museum of Knowledge team is that Spanish is so useful because it is widely spoken in the majority of Latin America including South America, Central America as well as in parts of the Caribbean. It is also an important language for trade with these key countries.

The Spanish language has many rich features with languages learners able to enjoy the many accents spoke around Spain, South American, the Caribbean and also Central America. Language learners can enjoy practising to speed for Colombia and at a more sower pace in Chile. Every country has a different pace when spoken verbally and the Museum of Knowledge aims to enable language learners to be equipped for the differences.



What are the Benefits of Learning Spanish?

The Museum of Knowledge team, experts in Modern Language Learning for Business, is often asked what are the benefits of learning Spanish for business? Spanish may be the best choice as a secondary language because of its growing importance in commerce across Latin America and Spain. Spanish is phonetic; therefore, it is an accessible language with words easier to pronounce compared with other languages. In Spanish, what you read on paper is pretty much what you pronounce.

There is also a huge demand for Spanish speakers particularly in hospitality, construction, management and multimedia businesses. Large corporations are realizing the increased importance of Spanish as a business language. To date, Spanish is spoken in 20 countries and 44 countries have at least 3 million Spanish speakers.